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Hy guys Today my topic is LOVE The types of lover are as follows: 1)cheater 2)True lover 3)Revenge from someone 4)Time passer 1)cheater: The person who cheats in your life Hurt your heart alot... You feel like you can't breathe But time passes and you get on your foots and move on But still you can't forget that And due to this you never trust anyone even if you get someone who loves you most after him/her you still can't trust him/her Guys I want u to trust them because they are not like your ex 2)True lover: A true lover loves you Never cheat on you Never hide anything from you He/she trusts you Believes you Compromise for you Wait for you Listen to you Never ignore you Never lie to you Stands on your side Never put rules on you And a true lover never flirts with someone 3)Revenge from someone: A person who loves someone to take revenge from their ex I want to say them please stop before its to late Please think once don't the other person who is in love with u has a heart? And in future because of you he/she will never trust someone Its the most dangerous stage of love 4)Time passer: The person who passes their time only Even if the women had kids they passes time with them Amazing.. Don't the person feel shame Love them or hate them I know a person who do it but I don't want to tell the name I m sure there are a lot of people who do time pass Plz stop I request because in future when your wife will know she will be disappointed she will cry she will feel shame plz I request Thx for ur time(smile/)(smile/)(smile/)(smile/) Follow me like my post and also comment I really want to know my friend views on this

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