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Ok so i have shortlisted some best guns(my choices).
That are:-
1. Kar 98
It's easily available in any map. Literally god after awn and m24 and best for long range snipping. This is a GG gun if u don't find Awm in drops then this is a must gun for log range battles.

2. Awm
Awm is a Gg gun. This is a giant it can kill u even u r in lvl 3 helmet, lvl 3 vest with full energy. Best for long range.

3. Ump 9
Best for close range battles. U can say it big brother of uzi(grin/). With accessories and suppressor it's a killing machine.

4. Akm
Yes Akm has high recoil, and stability issues but believe me it is the best for close combat fights.

5. M416
This is my personal favourite gun. This is a GG gun for short to medium to long ranged combats. The firing rate is very high and stability is best.
I have seen that most player use pair of m416+ KAR98 and its a awsm combination.
M416 + 6x scope is a good combo for lon ranges.
Best attachments for m4 are
1. Tact stock
2. Vertical foregrip
3. Compensator AR
4. Quick draw extended mag (AR)
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