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Const Khaos

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So yes getting to know a new game can be challenging, frustrating, but yet totally exciting!! Trying to get to know the ropes get into the groove.. First off most importantly JOIN A GUILD.. They will become like family and can help you to grow into the game. They are a massive support system for you. Next work on getting your hero’s, upgrading is soooo important both your hero’s as well as your turf.. I have found that when it comes to your plots resources are so very important they help you excel in this game.. Both in creating troops upgrading your buildings and rebuilding which believe will happen a lot you will come to realize that your guild are the ones you count on as there are others whom will be at least 5x’s your might who will wipe you out.. which if you ask me personally I believe there should be some sort of limits there this one guy in our kingdom who has might of 256,000,000 and picks on people with the might of extremely low levels I’m hoping at one point in time the game will develop limits but until then always keep in mind do not carry on hand and more resources then you need at any given time..that’s all I have for now for new comers welcome to lords mobile an extremely fun and addicting game... #newcomer#

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