Sumara's story ch.2 pt.5


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Once Sumara was sure everyone else was secure, she entered the center ring and lay down, closing her eyes. Soon after, the pentagram started glowing much brighter in a wave emitted from Sumara, and its light shone like a pillar. It seemed to the others like time slowed to a crawl as they held their breath. The world outside the pentagram started fading to black, and they started feeling dizzy as they lost touch with their senses, and the growing power in the spell started clouding their thoughts. Finally, the effects peaked and slowly started fading, the void-like darkness outside started taking shape and show details of rock, then a bright light started to grow, and it soon became clear that it was a cave entrance, its light put their surroundings on display, and then, the pentagram vanished. "I'm home, i'm home!!" Zaya yelled excited and started running around the cave in joy. Furra and Fabar both roared to announce their presence, but there were no answer. "Zaya, where are your parentes?" Furra asked after a while. Zaya stopped running and looked out of the entrance." I bet they are hinting, they usually do around this time of day" "That was an incredible spell Sum..." Fabar cut himself off as he saw Sumara motionless on the ground."Sumara?" He asked concerned. Furra went to her and nosed her carefully." She... She is cold..." "What happened?" Zaya asked frightened. "Dont worry, she is just unconscious... She probably used almost all her magic to get her here, let her rest, she should recover soon..." - ....Finally we get to talk... Its been so many years.... A voice sounded in Sumara's mind, and a shadow came to view. ....Who are you?.... Sumara replied. ....I am Yetra, one of your siblings.... ....But, mom and dad said you didnt hatch, none of my real siblings did!.... ....We all came to you, sister, all nine of us... We have reached a point where we can finally reach you... Also, i expect your friend, Zaya to be able to see our magic.... ....What does that mean?....Sumara asked. .... When you used Oxelt's power just now, we realized we had to help you, or we would all die... That seemed to connect us in a new way.... ....Oxelt?.... ....The power that allowed you to travle with that pentagram... He control space and time, and is thus far the only one who has given you two powers.... .... Why are you telling me this?.... .... Becausewe all agreed to let you summon us, which is the second power i give you... As long as you know the name, you can summon, but keep in mind that you cannot use that dragon's power while summoned, and if we use all our power, you can't use it before we have rested.... .... Why would i summon any of you and leave myself vulnerable?.... .... Because we have powers you can't use... I am mental, that is why i am the only one you can hear... But my rank is 1... And i know how to use it.... ....And Oxelt, what can he do that i can't?.... ....He can see thru time, stop someone's time and create portals from place to place... But you know first hand that his magic is very draining, so dont be surprised if he is quick to burn out.... ....That sounds cool...." Sumara emitted. ....Now, our time is running out, you summon by saying the name and putting magic and will in it.... With that the voice faded and Sumara cot overtaken by a terrible headache and groaned. "She's awake!"she heared a cheerful voice yell excited. "Shh, qutet, she might get angry..." She heared Furra say, genuenly so. Suddenly, Sumara cot aware of the scent of two more dragons, and slowly started gathering her feet and sit up. Every bone, every joint, and every muscle ached, and her headache felt like she had run into a wall at full speed, and she hissed from it. Even without her eyes open, she could sense the other dragons back away. "Why does she feel so frightening...?" An unfamiliar voice asked. Sumara growled in response and finally opened her eyes. The two strangers, a forest-green and ocean blue male, and a white and yellow female, both jumped back with a yelp." Red eyes!" Sumara flared her teeth and glared at them. "She... She doesnt like when she get that reaction..." Furra whispered. "Everyone, be quiet..." Sumara growled, and the air in the cave started heating up. No one dared to even draw a breath, it was obvious that Sumara was in a terrible mood, and it wasnt lost on any of them that she was a great danger if pushed any further. She looked them over once more before she blured and disappeared. @Death god 22 @WeGamers Team @sidd @Shadow @?Crazy Bones Gamer? @Rubén @RIN • Leen Jay

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