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Hello Friends again we recruiting active t4 players if anyone interested to join with us mail me directly at lords accont name (SHRI123) blind applications will rejected.. we hunt more than 250 level 2 and higher level monsters everday. guild gift level is 28 so you will get good gifts from monster hunt gifts. only active and guild rules following players can apply. We are in K154 but we are moving to k227 Guild Name :- fnp After joining migrate to K227 Guild Might :-- 9.7Billion JOINING REQUIREMENTS AND GUILD RULES Hunt monsters minimum 3 level 2 monsters everyday. participate in all guild events, minimum 1250 score in guild fest. Who fullfill Guild requirements they only send requests and mail lords account name (SHRI123) and say about recruiting message blind aplication will reject Members:- 84/100 only 16 SLOTS left so hurry door will close soon

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