My Lords Mobile Account..

GB Watterson (Calvin)

"ILoveTawog" This Account Has Been Confirmed To Be Transferred On May/June.. this Account Will Stay On [KOW] And I gonna Give this Account To My Friend. I ask Him To Maxed Out Everything, Train Some Troops Everyday, do monster hunt, Participate Guild festival, Always Shield, Keep The WeGamers Rule, And don't say anything On Guild Chat. I'm Not Quit THE Game Forever.. I Will Come Back Until All Of My Real Life Works Done.. If You Want to Send Me A Message/You want to Talk with Me. Contact Me On WeGamers (Only). Because I Will keep My WeGamers Account Forever In My Hand.. And Also I Gonna Transfer The Second Account to My Friend.. and Ask Him To do FarmKill And Upgrade Everything.. I Can't Continued The Game Because I Need To Pursue The Other Project In Real Life..

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