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Monster Hunt Introduction Monster Hunt is an extra which allows you to attack monsters found on the World Map. You must be in a Guild to hunt monsters. Each Guildmate will get loot for successfully defeating monsters. You have a chance to get rare items and precious resources from them. Only one Hunting Party can be on a Monster Hunt from each player at any one time. You are able to deal extra DMG when you hunt the same monster in succession. Hunting monsters require energy to be spent. The energy costs of monsters are 3,000 units for level 1, 5,000 units for level 2, 8,000 units for level 3 and 14,000 units for level 4. These energy costs can be reduced via research. Energy regenerates at a rate of 1,800 units per hour. This regeneration rate can be increased via research. Consumable items can also be used to restore energy. It is possible to increase your damage by using the DMG Boost x(X) function. Here the (X) stands for the number your damage is multiplied by. You can multiply your damage if you have enough energy to complete (X) monster hunts. Therefore, if you have enough energy to perform 2 monster hunts against a monster, you can choose to do double the damage and spend twice as much energy. It is therefore equivalent to performing consecutive Monster Hunts except you do not get any damage bonus for consecutive hunts. If you use a DMG Boost x5 against a monster and you only needed a x4 to defeat it, no energy will be refunded and you will not get any extra loot, essentially wasting the excess energy. Single Multiplier Hit Multiple Boost Monster Hit Energy % Damage Energy Damage 1x 4,000 0% 10% 4,000 10% 2x 4,000 14% 11.4% 8,000 20% 3x 4,000 24.5% 12.45% 12,000 30% 4x 4,000 35.5% 13.55% 16,000 40% 5x 4,000 47% 14.7% 20,000 50% 6x 4,000 59% 15.9% 24,000 60% 7x 28,000 70% Total 24,000 78% 28,000 70% Current types of Monsters Monsters fit into three categories. Normal, event (one hit) and event (3 per kingdom). Normal monsters are: Blackwing Bon Appeti Frostwing Gargantua Grim Reaper Gryphon Hell Drider Jade Wyrm Mecha Trojan Mega Maggot Noceros Queen Bee Saberfang Voodoo Shaman Snow Beast Terrorthorn Tidal Titan Hardrox Event (one hit) monsters cost 1 energy to hit and drop exactly 1 item. The following fit into this category: Bouldur Gem Goblin Goblin Krabby Totemptest Trickstars Weevil Undead Ogre For Event (3 per kingdom) monster only three of these monsters appear per kingdom every 3 hours. The energy cost is the same as a normal level 1. Their HP is a lot higher (although players can still do well over 1% damage to them if they send 5 heroes, have good hunting gear and use hunting boosts). The drops may be different to what is listed here (e.g. Huey Hops second appearance had a far inferior selection of items and it's bunny box contained low level speedups as opposed to attack jewels). Bon Vivian Hoarder Huey Hops Phantom Knight Serpent Vizier Feel free to comment for monster hunt

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