Few words for my friends


For my friends Only for them ? These days my strongest and most trusted thing is friendship I don't know what i will do without my friends Take care of yourself for me.(smile/) I can't afford to lose one more friend.(pout/) With you I am holding on without you I will be gone.(panic/) When you are with me my life is true.(giggle/) Without you it's just a lie.(awk/) Don't force yourself to stay (sweat/) You can go anytime you want .(wave/) I know I won't be able to stop you.(whine/) Don't worry I will be strong.(grin/) I am a pro in life.(snicker/) I can fight solo.(excited/) You are important in my life and so is your happiness. Don't stay if you don't want to. I can understand if you are already annoyed and want to go away. Don't worry I can hold on like I did till now. Al I want to say is Thank you for being my friend and it's not a burden leave anytime you want to. (grin/)(grin/)(grin/)(grin/) Speak your mind out in comments (+_+)

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