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This is where the chapter ends. Time has come for letting go. The hardest part is when you know all these years when we were here are ending but I'll always remember we have had the time of our lives and now the page is turned. Mysticmyth- You are the one who always stand next to me and fight for me no matter who was wrong. I'll never forget your kindness, your careness that you have always showered on me.Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know. My riches do not lie in material wealth but in having friends like you – a precious gift from God!. Thanks for giving me 500+ members on my group(silly/). One day I may die without saying good bye. But I will never forget to say thank you because you have given me the most memorable moments that I can cherish. Thanks for everything(heart/). Kikoo- I always came to you with tons of problems and you never said no to me. You are the one who showed me the way to become a celebrity. I'll never forget those mishiefs we used to do on wegamers(grin/)(excited/) Mae- Here comes Miss Riddler(grin/). We became friends through riddle games lol. We had a great moment and I'll never forget that you used to stalk my insta profile(excited/) Xcharizard,Shine and Demonic- Our squad. Kya Kya nhi kiya humlogone (grin/). Main tumlogo ki kaminapanti ko nhi bhul paunga. I still remember when I used to have a fight with someone and you guys used to say to me" naam bta kaun tha? Jalil kardenge use"(grin/)(grin/) I'll miss you guys. Jai- My only Bengali friend on wegamers. I'll never forget your likes,your kudos on my posts and our Bengali conversations when we used to irritate mysticmyth and miss highness(grin/)(grin/)(excited/) Miss Highness- TDS!! TDS!!! Lol gujratan you started the new trend on wegamers. I'll never forget our gameplay moments,our terrifying dares,our conversations in falcons. Thanks for everything.(smile/)(flirt/) Suzu- The first lady to call me handsome lol. Jamoon mere photos ko frame karke rakhna and Roz aarti kaarna (grin/)(grin/). I'll miss you Ashu- We had a great moment in friendzoned group. Bhai I'll never forget you(smile/) Muskan- Again the first lady call me an uncle. You literally ate my brain by asking tips for how to become a celebrity. I'll miss your tapoori language and fun moments(grin/) Thorin- Gujrati bhai(grin/). Thanks for being there for me always aur ha gaming computer jaldi bna lena(flirt/) Desi chora- Bhai thanks for the gifs. Mere pass sirf Tere hi gifs hai aur main nazane kitni baar spam Kiya hoon(excited/). Sab cheez ke liye thanks Bhai. Nishant- Mera Bhai. Sabse jyada bonding Tere saath hai Bhai. Muskan's habibi. Aur Jo tu mujhse kaam krata tha baap re(excited/)(excited/). I'll miss you Kiraz- Thanks for making a imaginary story of u and me lol.. I'll not forget your jokes and hats off to your imagination(excited/)(excited/) Miss Bill gates- The richest girl on wegamers(grin/). We had a great time in free bundle group. Thanks for helping me with unlimited kudos lol. Okta Whiskey- Remember the deal in free bundle group lol? I still remember that day. And we completed that deal lol hahaha. Stay blessed. Strike- I've never seen till now on wegamers who have fastest fingers to grab bundles than you lol. We had a lots of fun in free bundle group. I'll miss you(flirt/) Starboy- The love guru of wegamers. We had a great time on wegamers bro.. will miss you(cool/) Kali, bia and diamond- my haters group friends. We had a plenty of memorable moments in haters group. I'll never forget anything. And bia(miss bomb) Don't forget my stories (grin/) Mr XXX- My best brother on wegamers. You always stand by my side in every situation. I got my first moderatorship from you. Thanks for creating haters group(flirt/) ABKing- My very first friend on wegamers. Wegamers ke baare me A-Z baatein batane ke liye thanks. Aur humlogo ki LM ki kisse main nhi bhulunga. Mild- Mr Celebrity(cool/). My biggest bhojpuri fan. I'll not forget the prestigious tag you have given me lol. Thanks for creating falcon group and keep streaming. Mohammed- Yo bro. Whenever something good happened to me you were the first person to ask why I'm happy and whenever something bad happened to me you were the first to ask why was I'm sad lol. I'll miss you bro(smile/) If I've hurted someone in any ways intentionally or non-intentionally please forgive me if you can. And Don't feel sad if you can't see your name here I may have forgotten to mention but in short I'll miss you all. ~Its been a long day, without you my friend and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. We've come a long way from where we began oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. When I saw you again~ (tear/)(cry/)(tear/) * I literally cried when I was creating this post* @Mysticmyth @Kiko @Hell @mohamad M@b @MildFalconer @̸✘D̸͟͞e̸͟͞m̸͟͞o̸͟͞n̸͟͞i̸͟͞c̸͟͞✘ @Suzu @? §HĪŇĔ ? @ⅅᗴꌗⅈ ር̏ђེђེѺƦᗩ @*** Is *** @ABKABKING @NLG09 @Thōr_īn 001 @No Name @S t R i K e

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