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Afternoon ladies and gentledudes!

I know most of you won't even care, but to me, this is the best day of my Lords Mobile life! I know it probably won't last long, but my dream to be Queen has finally come true! ❤️

We were dominated by a guild that moved to our Kingdom and bullied us, shortly after I joined - from tile hitting, to 200million might people attacking lower mights like myself (under 20m).. And finally, today, when protection fell a new guild took their place..

And I must say, these guys are way more awesome. Sharing vassal tiles to people outside of their guild (not just bad ones).
I just made a stupid joke about memes and got it ? they don't even know how much this actually means to me. I always just had to be happy with my guildtag being "The Queen" but now.. Yasssssssss ??

So all hail the Queen Kittylele ? from peasant, to Queen in less than a day ? let this be a life lesson, nothing is impossible, if you believe!!! Dreams can come true, even in games when you are a little F2P C2P weakling ❤️



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