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I know them just now, I was allowed to enter into their family just made me happy ^^
only 5 days I was in their family made me learn a lot from them, that family will always help happily ..
I'm happy to see those who help each other,,
I asked R5 / team leader, how do you feel with them?
and he answered : (I enjoy interacting with them all, becoming a legit family. Experiencing the joys in their lives and supporting them through their hard times. They support me the same way. That is what I love about i~J)
and he said that I can study with them anytime ...
although there are not many beautiful memories with them, but I know they are the best family and it makes me feel happy.(blush/)(blush/)(blush/)(hug/)(hug/)(heart/)(rose/)
the best leader R5 @TheRidDlerX (blush/)@Tim WeGamers

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