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Some of us here still wondering as to why we can't sell our Lords mobile account or rss,

So to answer your question, I did my research to have a proof as to why it's not allowed.

Before we create our Lords Mobile account.
After downloading, we already agree to it's Terms and Conditions. Now the question, we're you able to read thoroughly on it?(confused/)

Well even me, myself and I, I never read it's Terms and Conditions, until someone asked me why its forbidden to sell Accounts or Resources in here? (giggle/)(excited/)

Well aside from the Terms and Conditions of Wegamers, Lords mobile clearly stated on it's Terms of service, under license to use that,

You are NOT permitted to sell, auction, trade, sublicense, rent, lease, loan or transfer any Account, character, Game Resources or any copyrighted material.

I'm hoping this answer your question, thank you for taking time reading this post.(flirt/)

Hope you have a good day, and Happy Burning
and enjoy being Burned (blush/)(giggle/)

@WeGamers Team
@Lords Mobile

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