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A little bit of story about me...
(Okay not so little).. (シ_ _)シ

Some might have known the story I started playing LM. Some might have not known.. But here is my story on the day I started playing LM ==>

I started playing LM in order to gain some diamonds in a game called Island Experiments. My innocent self said ah it's easy reaching Castle Lv.10 and I'll get the rewards, just like with any other game.. But little did I know that I have fallen to a deep trap. A trap that I have for multiple times try to get out and failed.. Silly Me.. (๑꒪▿꒪)*

So as with any other game, I installed it in my 2nd phone so I can play without a long halt.. That's why I ended up with 2nd castle in Guest Mode at my 2nd phone and I ended up playing it too.. Both castle join different guild which I choose in a total random..

Fyi, LM is the first game which need a guild and I am alone without my brother.. I usually play with him, but then again, I never ever would've thought I would play beyond lv10.. I am always well protected by my brother and best friend.

Yeah, I have fallen.. The 2 guild that I choose randomly give me a sense of belonging and freedom to be me, without cautious eye of my brother..

Alas that freedom cost me a lot..
For the first time,
I felt ANGER
I felt in LOVE
I felt FEAR
Inside a game....

ANGER when me and my friend castle got burned..
ANGER when I felt so helpless and weak to not being able to do anything..
ANGER when I let myself into a triangle..

SORROW when I lost a friend because of that..
SORROW when all things lead to me running away again and again.. Hiding from my friends in a foreign guild..

LONELY when I'm in foreign guild. Sure I make new friends, but the feelings remains, why it have lead to this?? I just wanna play, but this game have so many drama in it..

Then I felt in LOVE with a guy.. A guy that is better left alone without any love feelings.. Another drama.. Another girl spying on me.. Hurting me.. and I??? I should've known better..

I should've followed my brain instead of my heart from the first time and these things won't happen.. But yeah.. I felt... REGRETS..

Hence that brings me to the first time I really meant to quit this game.. I runaway back to the first kingdom that I play and felt happy.. I post my CC, let troops & rss out, and let my Castles getting burned and zeroed..

Heart Broken and Zeroed.. I GIVE UP..

But, the friend & brother that I found in the very first guild, support me, cheering me up.. They join hands with my real brother to protect my castle.. Tending it while I'm healing..

That's why I am still here till this day.. For them..

My Brothers and my Best Friend..

Still... I have FEAR, that it will repeat again.. I hope I learned my lesson well.. I still feel LOVE .. But is that right or wrong?? I don't know.. I really don't know..

Since then I've been trying to keep everything at bay along with my brother that also playing my castles.. Well he also have his own castle too.. But He love me and my castles more.. Hahaha...

Okay back to now.. Day 24x..
I use to have expectations that I will have T4 once I reach 100m Might.. But days goes by, my might increasing.. My interest keep changing.. So I keep distracted and reach over 130m Might without T4.. That's when I started to rethink and focus all my effort in getting T4..

I started to max out Prison & Altar.. I wait patiently for Watcher & Chaos Dragon Event.. Spending almost all Gems & Speedup for Research..

Here I am.. Finally in the brink of getting T4..
I could gem it, but I felt hesitate.. Now what after T4???

Fighting? I am not much of a fighter.. I occasionally burning in KVK.. Sometimes I sent troops for rally.. That's that...

The question remain.. Will I return to them? They have asked me multiple times.. But I have FEAR...

I FEAR those things happens again.. Me and My Childish thoughts.. The fight between friends.. Selfishly running away again and causing the Guild in Fracture.. I am a source of problem for them.. Because they know me personally, they care for me and I know they will fight for me.. That's what I've been avoiding.. My FEAR of becoming the greatest problem & bother to my dearest one..


This Milestone have been reached..

What's next???

I don't know.. I really don't know...

Going with the flow..

See where it goes.. with everything and everyone...

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