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So kvk in our new kingdom comparison to old kingdom. The first big difference is how many people there arent in this kingdom. Also there is a lack of unity in the kingdom for the one day it is needed, in my previous kingdom all fued are set as side for 24 hours and the kingdom was united the kingdom would work together to double and triple rally the other kingdom, and im talking guild that fought each other daily. They would share forts and base so people could sleep. In contrast our new kingdom the ruling guild which is apart of CTK, told us we are to small to help with kvk so there would be no temporary nap if we take a fort or a base they come and try to rally us off it whether its our kingdom or oppositions kingdom, they there member have the nerve to moan in global chat how we lost kvk but they will burn there own kingdom during kvk. This is our biggest issue in kvk because now most do there solo and stop playing. How was your kvk? Does your kingdom unite for the event or like ours stay divided and lose?

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