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Value in gems of event? What are you saying?

A correct thing.

Watch the picture below.

Watch the voices Total value under the events' name. What mean total value? Mean total value in gems of all rewards that you receive completing the event.

For example I completed my Solo War (yes this morning early yet). Value of rewards received (plus unvalued items) is 27.350. Lol. These rewards change always. In this case depends on difficulty to complete your Solo War. More value more difficulty. So before to say i am better than you, compare total value of events.

Solo Event: 7.140 total value in gems. Research quests points. No i don't waste nothing to complete research. I have two days research again. Bye Solo event.

Hell Event: 13.700 gems. Research quest. Nothing.

Challenge: oh really good 33.865 gems value. Research quest. I am not lucky.

So what I have to do? Work hard to take a good rank in Solo War and receive good rewards. Yes. Better way to play is search to do more points on Solo War that I can.

Good Luck experts in-game.

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