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What's the difference between sending a Garisson and sending Reinforcements?

Reinforcements go into the Embassy. It can hold any amount of members as long as it is with the Embassy capacity. As you upgrade your embassy, you can hold more allies. For some reason unknown to me, you cannot see who is reinforcing you. Only that you have reinforcements.

Garrisons set up their own little tent outside your castle wall. As the image suggests, these troops are outside your castle. It's like a mini castle from your guildmate minus a wall. It can hold up to 5 heroes (leader optional) and as many troops as the one Garrisoning can send in a single march. There can be only one Garrison per castle.

It uses the stats from the player who is Garrisoning you and basically has nothing to do with you. Any attack will hit that first. If the Garrison wins the battle, the attacker is repelled and will never even hit your castle. If the Garrison gets zeroed, then the attack will continue through to your castle with the remaining troops.

Garrisons can sometimes help if the castle being attacked is very weak and actually needs to not get hit or if the Garrison is set to just be a roadblock to weaken the attack by sending only a handful of troops and definitely not the leader. Garrisons can also be used to set a trap on unsuspecting attackers.

If you have a shield activated, the Garrison will be safe until the shield runs out. Remember: if you activate a new shield, they will be sent home.

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