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Heyy, guys and girls! Lately, there was a trend in LM community, to speed up or get might really fast, in order to rank nr. 1 in World Might Rankings.

For a very long time, on the first place was the famous Bren Chong , the first one who passed 10 bil might and the biggest player in the game for years.

It looked like nobody can gain more might than him, but then a few players boosted troops and research and actually managed to make Bren Chong become only the 3rd player in the world.

I am pretty sure Bren doesn't really care, as he is not playing the game anymore. The real fight goes now between FY Zhan and AA The Demon. (excited/)

AA The Demon is sitting at 16 bil might right now, he was nr. 1 for a few weeks too, but out of nowhere, FY Zhan appeared and ruined his dreams. He got to 20.7 bil might in a couple of days and I don't think he plans to stop here.

He was clearly boosting for Baron and Emperor, but the real question is, how many troops did he boosted? Well, I have a report for you guys, coming fresh from my guild mate, Alan. Thank you! (beg/)

He has more troops than anyone else could even dream of, hitting almost 570 mil troops ! That's an insane amount! (dizzy/)(awk/)

What do you think about his boosting? How much do you think he will drop after Emperor and Baron? Would he win? I am not so sure, as troops aren't everything in this game and he has some really strong competition out there. Anyway, he is a good player and he knows what he does. Let me know what you think in the comment section down below and share this article with everyone you know!

Stay safe & Don't burn (salute/)(@!!@)(@!!@)©Laura ~ Baby Girl

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