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Here I'm not saying that you'll be pro but you'll be better than that of you're now

1.Selection of weapon (@!!@) Most important thing is selection of weapon , choose the weapon with which you're best with instead copying others
like Biu Biu is so good with M4 and 6x , mortal with DP and 4x , same case with Dynamo in any Bolt action Sniper

And now after watching those guys you guys think you can also do it without practicing even a second in training room you guys just go and start this experiment in classic matches and in result you got killed too early

so I'd like to say use the weapon with which you're best with Like if you're good while spraying with Scar-L rather M4 just pick Sacr instead M4 don't care whether BiuBiu is picking M4 he picked M4 cuz he is best with M4 but you aren't
If you like sniping and your aiming is too sharp just pick one bolt action sniper (one shot sniper) like Kar98k ,M24 & AWM
If your aiming is not that good pick DMR
like Mini14 , SKS , SLR etc

★Now one of the most asked question comes how to control while spraying and should I use 6x or 4x?(@!!@)
it's totally up to you with which scope you're better with while spraying
but I'd recommend you using 6x
now you guys will while spraying with 6x recoil is too high

Here you don't need to be Panic there are many way through which you can control Recoil

At first some basic ways (@!!@)(@!!@)★Attachments (@!!@)
There are many attachments which you can equip in gun but the main question which one of them should help me in recoil controlling while spraying

(@!!@) Here we've got Many grips like Angeled (horizontal recoil) , vertical (vertical Recoil)
half grip (both horizontal and vertical)

since while spraying in mid-long range you don't need to much worry about Horizontal recoil so I'd recommend you to not use Angeled foregrip
try to get vertical grip(best for vertical Recoil)
if not then use Half grip

Vertical and half grip

2. Compensator or suppressor or flash hider (@!!@)(@!!@) If you've mastered your Recoil then obviously suppressor is best but I know most those who're reading this Haven't mastered it yet So use compensator it helps you in reducing recoil if not got compensator use Flash hider since it's also reduces Recoil

3. Adjustment of 6x scope (@!!@)(@!!@) Some of you guys might not know but we can adjust 6x between 3 times to 6 times zoom

by adjusting it to 3 times zoom it'd help you I. reducing some recoil

click on adjust

then scroll it down

If you wanna do mastery in sniping there also many questions arises ( I'm not a sniper but knows basics about sniping)(@!!@)(@!!@)★ Why it's not headshot even I clearly headshot him? (@!!@)(@!!@):- This happens due to fall rate of bullets

★Then how can I take clear headhsot?(@!!@)(@!!@):- The answer is if target is around 250M radius of you just hit him on head he's dead but

if he's around 250-450M hit him with second pointer of 8x/6x

Second pointer the red marker

if he is around 450-650M hit him with 3rd pointer of 8x and if he's 650+ hit him with 4 pointer of 8x

3rd pointer

Look where was I aiming and where bullet hits the mountain this is due to fall rate of bullet(@!!@)(@!!@)(@!!@) 2. Setup (@!!@)(@!!@) From setup I mean your Controls and your sensitivity

it doesn't matters whether you're 2finger player or 3 finger or 4finger , check out coffin he plays with 2 fingers how good he is

But the main things here comes is copying pro YouTubers
I'd recommend you to not copy anyone's controls and sensitivity
because it's his setup not your he has practice of playing with that control those sensitivities from a while but you don't

like you are 2 fingers player and you watched mortal or Biu Biu and just copied his setup sensitivity and without doing anything practice just gone in match a got killed too earlier

then you started thinking how can he play so easily why can't I?
dude this is cuz he have practice of Playing with that set-up from a while
you don't at first practice it 2-3 weeks in training room then go

I'm not saying to not use 3 or 4 fingers use it even I'm a 4 fingers player

This is my setup

But my setup is no where similar to that of Biu Biu or mortal cuz they're good with their setup I'm good with mine since we both have practice with playing on our on setup so create your own setup instead copying others

3. Reaction time (@!!@)(@!!@) The most important thing is reaction time
it won't be good automatically you've to work on it

one tips when you're in cover in last circle never leave your movement button always continue moving around that cover cuz who knows from where your enemies might fire you if you're sitting at one place he can kill you easily but if you're moving you can hide easily

Keep moving

As I said keep moving of someone fires on you quickly turn in direction of gunshot
and start firing without waiting a second

As fast you'll as safe you'll be

4.Gun sound and footsteps

Here one of the most important thing is footsteps and gun sounds


Here you've to know whether enemy is in building or outside
if inside then on first floor or second floor or ground floor or top roof or on starecase

if you've observe his footsteps clearly
can't add sound or videos in wegamers articles they need to improve features

By doing this you'll gotta know the exact location of enemy and before rushing you can throw some granade and damage or knock their teammates
which gives you advantage while rushing


This is also important for you to know which sounds how

Like if your enemy has Bolt action Sniper and you knows how it's sound you won't pick or go out but if you don't know how it's sounds you'll pick again and again and one of his shots must connect and that shot gonna kill you

if you know enemy has LMG(light machine guns ) like M249 and DP-28
and if you're observing carefully you can rish when they started reloading since it's took so much while reloading LMG

if you knows your enemy has M4 and you've AKM you can rush since AKM is God gun in short range

One important note:
since many of celebs are being claimed as they're plagirising and copying other's content
you can check Google Wikipedia quora or whatever if any of my articles is even 15% similar to that of any famous writer I'll give my celeb and mod status also leave this app forever
peace out ✌️

At last thanks for all your love and support
keep supporting and please check out my YouTube channel


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edited wegamers should add editing feature in their articles too

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