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Despite there are many information that can be found online teaching us what to do for Guild Showdown, I still see a lot of common mistakes made by guild members.

1. Trickster

War Boost of Trickster

War Boost of Tracker

If you look carefully at the pictures shown, Trickster DOES NOT BOOST the Range Attack, HP or Defense. Instead, using other range heros such as Tracker, Black Crow or Bombin Goblin are much better than Trickster. This is the reason why we do not use Trickster in War or Guild Showdown event.

War Boost of Witch Doll

Same thing with Witch Doll and Dark Follower. We don't use them in war and Guild Showdown too.

2. Leader is not deployed

Top pic with no leader. Bottom pic with leader

I do not understand why but I do see many players who didn't deploy their leader in Guild Showdown. When I say "leader", it means the hero with a crown blinking on his head . If leader is not deployed, all the boosts from your war gears will not be recorded in Guild Showdown.

Statistics shown in green when leader is deployed

As you can see from the screenshot above, if no leader is deployed, the statistics in yellow (left side) will be the ones recorded in Guild Showdown.

The statistics shown in green (right side) will be the boosts from your war gears and talents etc when leader is deployed.

Hope my post will help to enlighten some of you guys. Good Luck for the event (flirt/)

@WeGamers Team

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