How to gain points fast!


By now we all know one of the main components of wegamers is game bundles, kudos, and points.
What is rarely discussed is the quickest, and best ways to obtain points!
Without further ado here are tips and pointers on how to make points fast without having to catfish and beg for points with pictures!! (excited/)

• Creating a quality post:
You will see a common theme with quality posts, DETAIL .
If you are going to write a post and hope for a reward, choose something you know a great deal about or can learn about.
Never underestimate the knowledge others may be seeking, what could be a small tip or trick in game for you, could change someone's game experience.
Check out posts that constantly get quality post rewards for examples on what makes a quality post.

• Events:
By now you should be aware that wegamers holds events for points with a fairly large amount of points based on popularity and creativity.
Not only are these events a great way to help the community get to know you, it is also fun!
Here is a great post on how to win events, click here!

• Topics:
Another superb way to quickly earn points, typically set at 500 points for an answer on a game page topic.

• Game celebs/trusted user giveaways:
Many users, especially celebs, giveaway bundles and points. Follow people that do this and enter every chance you get.
Many people do their own contests and topics, so keep an eye peeled on your feed!

• Game page check-in:
One of the newest and easiest ways to gain points daily, for a minimum of 100 points a day.

• Group bundle codes:
Join active groups that share group bundles, ask around for groups that do it. You can personally message me to be linked to groups that do this.

Then of course there is the usual, but smaller, things like group check-ins, being online, liking ten posts, and one time rewards for doing tasks like connecting your game account, etc.

Have fun, be safe, and get those points!

@WeGamers Team

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