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So I see many people crying over points or never winning in Wegamers events to get free points. So, I decided to create a post on how actually you can win in the Wegamers Events.

✓✓Popularity : The more number of likes you get on your post, the more chance of winning are there. I never actually win because of popularity.

✓✓ Creativity : I will be discussing about creativity in detail. I won everytime I participated in Wegamers events, because of creativity (Only the ones I actually participated in). Here is the proof :

Top Games Event

Might is Power Event

I changed my Id to Probeast after that.

Hello 2019 Event

And I am hoping to win in the ongoing event as well.

✓So how do I always win? Here's my winning strategy :

1. Be precise and to the point : I only post about the stuff that is actually mentioned in the event. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. Use your own mindset : I never looked for any guides to help me win in the event. I try to think for the best ideas in my own mind to give out the best results.

3. Be Honest to yourself : Never try to copy someone's post that gets more likes thinking you will get it too. That won't happen. Be honest to yourself, be what you are. Express your post in your own words.

4. Show your creative skills : Honestly speaking, I actually never do anything creative in my posts. But, if you try to make your posts creative (just show your creative skills), I don't think there will be a chance you do not win (Considering you already followed the above points).

5. Enjoy every moment : While writing the post, I really enjoy thinking of the moments or what best I could do to make my post better.

6. Last but not the least, Hope for the Best.

This is also a reason why I like Wegamers. Here you get ample number of opportunity to showcase your talents. Moreover, meeting new people from all over the world and made very good friends.

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