Lord's Mobile kept me sane...


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#BenefitsofGaming# I met and became a live in nanny to 2 little girls, 4 & 5 yo, 3 1/2 years ago when their mom dropped them off with their dad (at his parents house) for a week and didn't come back. Then I got pregnant with their brother and a month after he was born, their dad also took off. The older one developed separation anxiety with abandonment issues. Whenever I would leave to go somewhere she would get hysterical thinking I wouldn't come back... So I quit going anywhere. Literally. Now Ive always been a social butterfly... so it was a challenge to just stop going out, but it was something I had to do... I didn't realize how much I missed and needed a social life. How much it was started to bring me down when I DISCOVERED LORDS MOBILE!!! it allowed me to have a social life while staying at home! I have met a ton of people from all over the world and made a handful of real friends! I love this game. It has kept me sane! Lol
Ps. I have slowly but surely taken baby steps with leaving for short periods of time, getting a little bit longer each time. I was able to leave for a whole day!!! She called me literally every hour, but she didn't cry. Not once!
The pic is of her killing a monster for me. A level 1. She used the whole energy bar for it too. Lol

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