What a wonderful experience so far

Antonello Arpino

Lords Mobile

Talking about my personal experience in gaming , among the several I have tried I would elect Lords Mobile the best (or one of the best).
The game is a good combo of strategy (select the best growth path, select the right battles, strategize on events , familiar choice, guild management , kingdom alliances, world alliances etc. ), tactic (battle practices , proper army set up, right equipment , hero sets etc.) and requires deep knowledge and understanding of the dynamics to be a decent player . This by itself put a challenge for your brain and expose to personal intakes that you can reuse in your daily life. On top, and not last as of an importance , the social aspect of it, that allow to expose yourself to extreme celebrity in a wide global community , connecting people , make new virtual friends , even some real ones , sometimes find new loves or even creating new enemies bring it to the web-scale relationship schema extending your personal connection network in a similar way to more famous social networks. This overall recipe appeals me and personally I had the luck to get in touch with brilliant people I would never ever met in my life.
Be leader or follower is also a personal choice in the game which completes the package.

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