What online games gave me?


Lords Mobile

I like to call the time and the period of me playing games a journey. I call it like that because it gave me fun and happiness. It gave me friends and people I would always keep in my heart no matter how far they are in distance. It gave me knowledge and life experience. It gave me self-confidence and respect for everyone and anyone no matter who they are or what they are doing. It gave me understanding and patience. It gave me everything I was missing at the point when I have started playing games. Lords Mobile is more than a simple game. I usually refer to my guild as my other family. They are always there when I need them and I am always there when they need my support. It is been a year now and maybe one of the strongest reasons why I haven't quit playing yet are all this amazing people I really love. I strongly believe some of them would always be a part of my life and maybe one day I will meet a few of them. Actually, I am pretty sure I will! Laura. #BenefitsofGaming# #365daysofplaying##lordsMobile##Wegamers Community##Oneyear#@WeGamers Team

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