I always thought poe


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I always thought poetry would be enough
To connect us with each other
And will suffice to heal my heartache

Just hold on tight to it
And please, never let go
Into the thread of our fate

Wherever might it have been
Both ends will always meet
And promise, it won't break

I thought words are so powerful
That poems will be remembered
Until the last breath we'll take

But what matters most
What our heart feels
Never came from our ears

I'm sitting beside beers
Drowned by my tears
Complaining about the years

They say that
We are the actions
We repeatedly do

But if I'll be asked what I wanted
That is for you to act the words
I love you too

I hope you won't stop
Pulling the strings again and again
Regardless of place or time

But for the meantime
Let's just stay committed to the string
And soon, I'll see you again, Sunshine

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