Clan Recruitment Structure: please read first!


Clash Royale

You are free to recruit for your respective Clash Royale Clans here on the Game page. However, it is preferred that you follow the structure given below: • Name of the Clan - Start the post with the name of your Clan, either in the title or in the first line of the description. • Clan ID/Tag - this makes it even easier to find the Clan in the event of duplicate names. Please provide. • Required Trophies to be accepted into the Clan - Many Clans have a trophy requirement. Make it easy for recruits to know whether or not they qualify before they apply. • Tell us what your Clan is about! - What do you focus on? Donations? Wars? Why should they join your Clan? What type of recruits are you looking for? Show off your Clan! • You may include other information about your Clan at the end here. Make it catchy, so that your Clan stands out! Recruitment posts NOT in the following structure, or one similar to this, will be removed. Posts that simply say "Join." "Our Clan." And other similar phrases with no content will be removed. Happy recruiting!

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