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Mobile Royale

Making WeGamers the best community for all mobile gamers has always been our ultimate goal. To reach this goal, we need everyone's support. Before making any post here, please note that this is a place where players talk about Mobile Royale and please read it before making a post:

1.Submissions must be Mobile Royale related, or your post will be removed.(@!!@) If you tag Mobile Royale when you are making a new post, please make sure the content you are going to post is about Mobile Royale. Please do not post irrelevant content if you tag this game, or your post will be removed from this page.

2. No Uncivil Behavior, Witch-Hunting, Trolling, etc.
Keep it civil and do not make personal attacks when addressing others. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, hate speech, or trolling will be tolerated.

3. No Low-Effort / Low-Quality or Duplicate Posts
Do not post low effort or low quality posts. This includes, but not limited to: - One-word posts with simple screenshot leaving nothing for discussion. etc. or double posting.

4. No Selling, Buying, Asking or Trading.
Do not offer to sell, buy, beg for, or trade items, games, modified apps, or anything related in exchange for money or in-game rewards.

5. No Information about Hacking/Cheating.
Do not provide or share information on any of the following: scripts, exploits, codes, win trading, cheating services, hacks, third-party programs, emulation, etc.

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