Have you ever stared



Have you ever stared in front of a mirror, saying a lot of bad things about yourself, at yourself? Have you ever felt so alone, the only hue that surrounds you, not white, not black, but blue? Everyday, you always invite doubt. You always let fear come into your house made of sweet smiles and a strong will.

Always remind yourself that it is not the life that you have. But actually, you will never know the right thing to do without the wrong things that goes along your way. Trust me, you'd rather struggle to keep yourself whole, than turning your life into a shithole knowing it's a lot easier to do.

You can cry an ocean, but after that, breathe the calm, sea-salt wind, coming from your pool of pure, tough love.

Words by Aniza Mozera
Photo by from Artem Rhads Chebokha, a digital artist/illustrator from Russia

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