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Ragnarok Online: Love at First Sight


In Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight, the weapon crafting and refinement system will be unlocked when your character reaches level 48. And the weapon enchantment system can be unlocked at level 55. (You can see the Quest beside the map when you approach a certain level.)



After finishing a series of quests, you can see the crafting button displayed in the right tab or go to Prontera Weapon Shop. Here we go! Time to Craft. :D



Note: Smith's Craftable Materials and Smith's Weapon are only available for merchant class.



As you progress and upgrade to new equipment you will have the option to transfer your refinement levels to the new equipment.  


1. Refinement levels can only be transferred to the same part and between certain classes' equipment.

2. Refinement levels cannot be transferred to lower level equipment.

3. If your equipment’s refinement level is higher than lvl 8, the refinement transfer will be divided into two parts: perfect transfer and locked transfer.

4. After the refinement transfer, you can still refine your new equipment but a certain level of refinement will be locked.

5. You need to use a certain number of “Unlock Scrolls” to recover the equipment’s stats.

Enchants (Unlock at lvl55)


Note: If you waste too many materials on an equipment, then you can choose to extract 65% enchanted materials used on the equipment.


The picture above is my personal crafting after refinement and enchantment. :D


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