Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight - Informative Guide to Book Quest


Lv. 25 Sewer 

This one is easy... Just be careful of the gas trap on the way to Boss. If you are lazy, you can ask one of your teammates to shut down the trap first. So the rest can stay at the gate for a while. XD Easy boss, Easy Kill.


Lv. 35 Drake

Drake can cast blood debuff and the debuff can be stacked. Once you see 2 debuff stacks on your character, eat the fruit in the corner to clean the debuff (there are 4 fruits in total, each corner has 1). Also, you can see notification on the screen. It’s time to dodge the ultimate skill - the wave!


Lv. 45 Doppelganger


Three things you need to know:  1. When boss call your teammate’s name. The whole team should stand together to share the damage; 2. Dodge Doppelganger’s rotating sword; 3. In the final round, your combat area will be confined to the red circle( shown in the picture above), the whole team should move from left to right, right to left.... just doge Doppelganger’s skill.


Lv. 50 Maya



Stage 1: Go to the first hand in the map. And search the broken egg. It will turn you into an ant. So you can easily go through the narrow pass. Kill the first Maya.


Stage 2: If you cannot pass those ant eggs, just make sure your teammates can make it all the way to second Maya. And then you can kill your character, it will be automatically teleported to second Maya. When you see the yellow notification on the screen. Show your back to Maya to lessen the damage. 


Hope this guide can help. Have fun gaming:)

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