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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Let’s start it by talking about types of role hero in Mobile Legends game. It absolutely important for knowing the role or kinds of hero for every gamer in this whole world that playing Mobile Legends games. It would make your team can fighting effectively and bring the champion.

Game MOBA or Mobile Legends games: Bang Bang it seems like bringing the funny Dota 2 games that usually played in Personal Computer (PC) then it can be moved from PC to the smartphone. It was so funny and practical. You can play it anywhere and anytime as far as you have the internet connection. For winning the war, you must learn many things.

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Here we go, here are 6 types of role hero in Mobile Legends

1. The Fighter

The hero with the role fighter will fight on the first line along side with the tank hero. The fighter hero will destroy the enemy along the war and also the fighter hero can be as the biggest threat for the Marksman and Mage hero. Here are the lists of the Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends:

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  1. Alpha

  2. Alucard

  3. Bane

  4. Balmond

  5. Chou

  6. Freya

  7. Hilda

  8. Ruby

  9. Sun

  10. Yun Zhao

2. The Tank

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Tank hero has a high durability. Even the difficulty levels of this hero are easy, but you have to leas the attack and put on in front of the line to destroy the enemy. You have to sacrifices, being the bait, and protect your weak friend on your team. Let me tell you here are lists of the Hero Tank in Mobile Legends game:

  1. Akai

  2. Balmond

  3. Franco

  4. Hilda

  5. Johnson

  6. Lolita

  7. Minotaur

  8. Tigreal

3. The Mage Hero

The hero with a Mage role is truly relies on the skill that available inside the hero. The wonderful ability effect from the hero and giving the huge damage to enemies hero. Unfortunately, the durability of the Hero Mage called the weakest and the physical attack is useless. At least, the high attack sides from the Hero Mage are really given a big effect to the team. Here are the lists of the Hero Mage in Mobile Legends games:

  1. Alice

  2. Aurora

  3. Cyclops

  4. Eudora

  5. Gord

  6. Kagura

  7. Karina

  8. Nana

4. The Assasin Hero

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The type of Hero Assasin has the mobility and difficulty high level. The attack of the hero assassin is really crucifying. But the weakness of the hero Assasin is the low durability. So that, if you want to use this hero you need to wait on the right time before you attack. You have to fight quickly ad precisely. Kill all the enemies in the last time as possible as you can. The lists of the Hero Assasins in Mobile Legends game:

  1. Alucard

  2. Fanny

  3. Hayabusa

  4. Karina

  5. Natalia

  6. Saber

  7. Yun Zhao

5. The Marksman Hero

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The Marksman hero is put on the backside of the line along with the Hero Mage. The hero with this type has a huge physical attack. So, you can use it to help your team win. The kinds of the Marksman Hero in Mobile Legends game:

  1. Bruno

  2. Clint

  3. Layla

  4. Miya

  5. Moskov

  6. Yi Sun-shin

6. The Support Hero

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As the hero support, the kinds of this hero are very useful during the games. Inside this role, there are the hero that can healing, slowing down, and also disturbing the enemies movement and formation. Here are the lists of the Support Hero in Mobile Legends game:

  1. Estes

  2. Lolita

  3. Minotaur

  4. Nana

  5. Rafaela

So guys, those are the 6 types of role hero in Mobile Legends game – Bang Bang Guide. If you wanna have a big space to win, just try to combine the type of hero above. Perhaps it would help and ease you to play this game.

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