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Kagura Guide in Mobile Legends

Generally, the hero of Moge in mobile legends is provided by the big damage skill to the enemies hero. Not without the requirement, on of that need some perfect control with the high difficulty level. The Onmyouji Master, Kagura. She is one of the high difficulty levels of heroes Mage seems like Pharsa, Vexana, Alice and the other Hero. And here, i would like to give you some Kagura guide in Mobile Legends if you’re gonna use Kagura. And it was completed with the build item, tips and trick that may you can try. If you never play this game, you better read best guide of mobile legends for beginner and 6 strongest heroes of mobile legends first, because you are not confused to play this game.

Kagura Guide in Mobile Legends

Kagura Guide in Mobile Legends

Kagura is a Mage hero role. Her attendance in this game has been long. Because of her popularity, Kagura hero ever gets the nerf for many times. As the insight, you can buy Kagura with 32000 BP or 599 Diamonds. Over this time, Kagura has 3 skin those are Onmyouji Master, Flower Season and Cherry Witch. Kagura is well-known as the specialization of Damage/Reap, she also the effective killer of the enemies hero. Are you curious what’s the thing that we need to prepare for playing with Kagura? Let’s check this out.

Kagura Skill in Mobile Legends

Kagura Guide in Mobile Legends

Before going to the build item which recommended for Kagura itself, it would better if you know and understand what is the skill of the Mage Hero, Kagura from the first. Don’t go anyway, keep on kagura guide in mobile legends.

Kagura’s Passive Skill: Yin Yang Gathering

When the Seimei Umbrella and Kagura are united, it will result in the shield and giving stun to the closest enemy. Not only that, Kagura also give the slow effect and postpone her movement in 4.5 in a second.

Kagura Skill 1: Seimei Umbrella Open

– Cooldown: 5.0 second

– Mana Cost: 60

When Kagura hold her Seimei Umbrella, Kagura gonna move her umbrella to another place that has been directed. Kagura Skill 2: Rasho Umbrella Flee

– Cooldown: 12.0 second

– Mana Cost: 80

When she is holding her umbrella, Kagura will go jump to the places that have been specified and left her umbrella and removing the debuff effect. If it combines with the Skill 1, Kagura will go jump without holding her umbrella, she will go jump to the Seimei Umbrella place and giving the magic damage to the closest enemy.

Kagura Ultimate Skill: Yin Yang Overturn

– Cooldown: 43.0 second

– Mana Cost: 85

When Kagura holding her umbrella, Kagura will give the magic damage to the enemy around her, she will beat back the enemy and give the slow effect. When Kagura threw her umbrella, the ultimate skill will produce the magic damage around the umbrella and decrease the movement speed. Another that, there will be the chain that will attract the enemy and produce then additional magic damage after 3 seconds. Meanwhile, when Kagura activate the ultimate skill, the Seimei Umbrella Open skill will cooldown reset automatically.

Build Item of Kagura in Mobile Legends

Kagura Guide in Mobile Legends, Build Items

the next of kagura guide in mobile legends is build item of kagura. Kagura is well-known as the specialize of Damage/Reap which is can make her being effective on killing the enemy. To maximalize that, you can add the item which can increase the Magic Power to Kagura. Not only that, Kagura hero also need the spamming skill and also needing the several items to maximalize the Mana usage and increase the Cooldown usage. Here is the Build Item which considers as the flexible guide. So that, you can change it depend on the competition condition.

1. Arcane Boots (movement): Arcane Boots is a boots item that increasing +15 Magic Penetration and increasing +40 movement speed.

2. Glowing Wand (magic): Glowing Wand will be increased +75 Magic Power increased with +15 Magic Penetration. There is also +5% Movement speed for increasing Kagura’s Movement.

3. Lighting Truncheon (magic): Lightning Truncheon could giving the big damage to the enemy with +75 Magic Power. Another that, there is +30 Mana Regen to activate the Mana user.

4. Concentrated Energy (magic): Concentrated Energy will give +70 magic power and +700 HP for Kagura soul. In the every time killing the enemy, there is regen 10% from HP.

5. Calamity Reaper (magic): Calamity Reaper will give +70 Magic Power, +400 Mana, and +10% Cooldown Reduction.

6. Blood Wings (magic): Blood Wings whing being the obedient item, Mage will give +150 Magic Power and increasing +150 HP from Kagura.

Another that, at least there are 3 battle spells which recommended for playing Kagura. You can choose it based on the team composition when the Mobile Legends competition were running.

– Stun

This skill will give the magic damage and the stun effect for about 0.7 seconds on the enemy around Kagura, then can ease Kagura to direct her skill.

– Flicker

You can use this skill event to escape or kill the enemies hero that dying by chasing them.

– Retribution

Especially for this jungling skill, you can use it for increasing Kagura’s level quickly. Don’t forget to take the buff to add the effect. Meanwhile, for the emblems that Kagura usually use is Common Magic Emblem or Custom Mage Emblem.

Tips Tricks of Kagura in Mobile Legends

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The last of kagura guide in mobile legends, I will talk about tips tricks of kagura. Honestly, Kagura is the hero that really hard to be controlled. But it’s dangerous if it falls into the right hands. Kagura itself has 6 active skills that you can be spamming when ganking or fight the enemies hero. On the first competition, Kagura was so effective when she uses in the middle lane and kill the enemies creep quickly by Seimei Umbrella Open skill. Don’t forget to take the buff and increase the level because of the jungling skill which is enough fast.

For the attack combination, you can use the pattern skill 1 > ultimate skill > skill 2 > ultimate skill > skill 11.
Here are the explanation:

1.  With the skill 1, Kagura will throw the Seimei Umbrell to the enemies existence. Just activate the ultimate skill for giving the magic damage and tie up the enemy.

2. Wait until 3 seconds and the enemy will be attracted to the umbrella. Then jump with the skill 2 to go to the enemies place.

3. If the enemies HP is dying and try to escape, you can cash them and combine it with the Kagura skill 1.

Those are kagura guide in Mobile Legends, skills, build item Kagura and the several following tips and trick that you can try. For the information, those guide above is not force you to follow those guide so you can combine or compare it with the other. Good luck!

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